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 'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality

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'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality

'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality Taken
In December 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel presented a 20-hour TV Mini-Series, Taken, produced by Steve Spielberg.
The Parallels
There are interesting parallels in the story line and my life.
To begin, daughter, Nikki, works for the Sci-Fi network at this time.
My epoch sci-fi adventure spans 72 years, and is called Sarah and Alexander (first draft 1989) - the screenplay version called "2012 The Alchemy of Time". All begin in the 1940's during WW II Germany. I was born during the war. We meet Sarah at age 6 as we see her unfold her destiny in the year 2012. At the end of the film, Allie goes off with the gray aliens. Will Allie return in 2012?
The names of two central characters in "Taken" are Sarah and Alexander are Marty and Nina, (not the most popular names.)
I have had one alien encounter, when I was 11, but not with grays, and have never been harmed, my destiny shown. Things in the film are part of my childhood memories - the carny experience, clowns (trickster), the comfort of chocolate chip cookies, working as a therapist with abductees, other. Allie, at age 9, understands that she was created for special purpose and now was her time to that end. (Allie, Ellie). The story makes great mention of the Fibonacci Numbers and Spiral - a central theme in Crystalinks - sacred geometry and related.
There is much truth in this fascinating film, and no doubt people through the decades, going back before the Roswell Incident July 2, 1947, have been taken as part of a biogenetic experiment. This parallels the Nazi biogenetic experiment programs to create a superior race, and our reality as a biogenetic experiment in linear time and illusion. The July 2nd window is part of Sarah and Alexander and links with the Masonic Program and the All Seeing Eye - creation, the founding fathers in the US. As the eyes are important we get to see the large black eyes are nothing more than a protective lens (lens of time) - the eye color code ... blue.
Ellie, The Hypnotherapist
As a hypnotherapist, I have seen physical proof of 'alien' intervention with some of my patients, sometimes invasive, other times bringing messages about the destiny of humanity as a race, that must heal and clean up its act, earth changes reflecting the evolution of the physical experience.
'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality Alienslookinginwindow
'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality Alienstable
The abduction experience is DNA linked, generational, and ongoing, usually not occurring once in a person's life. The information given to me in regressions of patients is mostly the classic 'text book' abduction scenarios, but there is physical experience shared by most abductees. This should not be confused with sexual abuse in childhood, emotional disorders and substance abuse.
Being abducted in any situation is a violation, which leaves a strong imprint on the psyche/soul of the person involved. As a psychic I can experience the events with my patients. As I therapist, it is my place to help them overcome the fear and trauma, coming to a place of greater understanding. The victim never forgets, often become a victim in other aspects of their lives. I have patients who have set up all kinds of alarm systems, infrared camcorders and cameras. The abductions continue. There never seems to be any good images, camera equipment failing to work, as is portrayed in the movies.
Some abductees have report increased psychic abilities after the experience. Many go on to be healers, as they need healing. Others can no longer function underlying depression taking over, withdrawn, the key word being Fear. They feel helpless and often misunderstood, as generally no one believes them. That is all changing as the public is slowly being indoctrinated with information about alien visitations.
If you have been abducted, you have been tagged. Implants in the brain can create hallucinations. They generally cannot be removed. They sometimes dislodge and find their way out of the body. I have seen them in MRI's of abductees. The small implants in the limbs can be surgically removed. Some implants are in the DNA, like a biological imprint. Allie's tracking device in the DNA in the form of the fibonacci spiral.
'Taken' allows your mind to be taken on a journey. Your experience is your own.
Virtual Reality
Let's play a virtual reality game, as reality is virtual, projected thought through which you consciously experience.
'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality Virtualroom
Imagine yourself entering a 'room' that has neither beginning nor end, existing as far as you can see. Before you, are rows and rows of people plugged into the Matrix.
'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality Virtualarnie
'Total Recall'. We are programmed to remember.
You have come to this place to experience whatever you choose. Select the program you wish to experience. Set up a trigger code so that once you 'hear' or 'see' that code you will remember that this is a virtual reality experience and remove your consciousness from the experience.
The choices of programs are endless. Everyone is playing one or more games, simultaneously. You can join their program, create one of your own, or select one from the endless archives.
All programs seem real as you experience them. Programs that overlap, can cause confusion in physical reality, if you do not understand what is occurring.
Karma? That is a fabrication of most programs to help give insights and understand to that which cannot be explained unless you understand the virtual reality of experience, the projected illusions of soul often trapped in 'make-shift' realities.
Question: If you are in a program, can you alter it? Answer: No! You must go outside of the program to make changes. This is not done with machines, but with thought consciousness. Your soul does it all the time. Here in the program, where souls gather to learn and evolve - you can only play out what is programmed.
Question: Does this link with Free Will: Yes! We have limited free will within the programs. You can make minor adjustments, but those that are important to your experience are fixed with the parameters of its design or matrix.
Question: Can you move from program to program and be consciously aware of what you are doing outside of this program, other programs you are exploring? Yes! But this gets confusing as souls see these events a 'past lives'.
'Taken' is a program. Reality, as we experience it, is a program where we are 'taken' on a journey.

Oh My God ...
People wonder why God puts us through the challenges we face.
There is no man named God 'up there' doing anything. Reality is all a virtual reality grid experience created by electromagnetic energy (blue or blueprint) making it bipolar to experience emotions. You play out your role by design within the matrix.
If you still need to believe that creation is designed by an omnipotent male soul in change of everything, then understand that 'he' is not able to balance that which you chose to experience. You have to do it, as that is the goal of the game.
Creation is thought consciousness, neither male nor female (balanced) having created a matrix of 'light grids' in which we experience. That's it!
When you pray to 'him' for guidance, what you are doing is realigning yourself within the grid and shifting the flow of consciousness in your situation.
You create and attract by manifestation and synchronicity.
This make the 'god theory' seem more mechanical and less spiritual, as we are programmed to believe in a creational deity.
When you understand that the true spirit is your soul spark created as part of that consciousness, you will realize that believing that there is a no man out there doing things for you is just a myth of the program itself.
One day you move beyond the illusion, for it shall be no more. You will understand the truth and you will say, "Oh my God," just as Allie did when she played soccer with her friends in taken. You will return home, no longer taken by this experience, but having learned much from your 'time' spend here..

Source : http://www.crystalinks.com/taken.html

'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality Bannie11

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'Taken' - Alien Abductions and Virtual Reality
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