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 President Spencer W. Kimball Taught of Extraterrestrial Life

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MessageSujet: President Spencer W. Kimball Taught of Extraterrestrial Life   Mar 4 Déc - 18:46

Spencer W. Kimball Taught Of Extraterrestrial Life

Speaking of the time when the righteous will hâve obtained thé créative powers ofGodhood, Président Spencer W. Kimball ofiered some enlightening comment» about life on other worids that may help answer some of thé questions raised above.

We take one element, and we transform it and to oganize it into another ...You look out there in the starry night and you see thé sky is filled with stars. There are in the universe numerous bits or quantities of materials - gases and other elements-which brought together in thé proper way can create an earth and can eventually produce fruit trees, and grain fieids, and forests.

Ail of that is possible, and you are thé rnen thé Lord has chosen to do this work. Now it will take a long while, of course, for us to learn enough to be able to do that, but we're on our way. Every week we learn more about the priesthood. Every week we learn better how to handie it.

The time will corne when we will not oniy create with our wives thé mortal tabernacles which our earthly chiidren occupy, but we will be able to expand our efforts and extend them and go out into thé gréât eternities. And we will be able to produce gréât families of spirit chiidren who in turn may retum to that planet which you will hâve organized and will hâve made habitable.

And those chiidren will be permitted to go to those planets or earths, and there they will receive mortal bodies to hâve their schooling process so that eventually they aiso can retum to their Heavenly Father. {Thé Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 53] In responding to some of thé questions raised above. Président Kimball asked and answered thé following:

Is man earthbound? Largely so, and temporarily so, yet Enoch and his people were translated from earth, and thé living Christ and angels commuled.

Is there interplanetary conversation? Certainly. Man may speak to God and receive answers from him.

Is there association of interplanetary beings? There is no question. Are planets out in space inhabited by intelligent créatures? Without doubt.
Will radioed messages ever corne between planets across lirnitless space?

Certainly, for there hâve aiready been corning for six thousandyears, properly decoded, interpreted, and publicizedrnessagesofutmostirnportancetothe inhabitants of this earth. Dreams and open vision, like perfected télévision programs, hâve corne repeatediy. Personal représentatives hâve brought warning messages too nurnerous tirnes to mention, and it is our testimony to thé worid that God lives and abides in his heavenly home, and thé earth is his footstool, and oniy one ofhis numerous créations;

that Jesus Christ theSonofthatliving God is the Creator, Savior, andRedeernerofthepeopleonthis earth who will listen and obey; and that thèse interstellar messages—call thern what you will, visions, révélations, télévision, radio—from the abode ofGod to man on this earth continue now to corne to thé living prophet of God among us this day. {The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 445]

Not oniy does President Kimball confirm the existence of life on other planets, but he aiso affirma thé existence of interplanetary travel and communication. However, a narrow reading ofthis statement limits Président Kimball's remarks to "officiai" ecclesiastical communications and travels— prayer, révélation, and angelic Visitation. We have aiready established that God, angels, and translated beings travel hère from at least two différent planets. Whether or not Président Kimball intended to restrict his accounts of interplanetary travel and communication to a "God to Earth" context, we cannot be sure, but a slightiy broader reading of his remarks leaves thé door wide open for libéral interplanetary intercourse.

Reference : Brother (LDS) James L. Thompson - 1993


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President Spencer W. Kimball Taught of Extraterrestrial Life
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