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MessageSujet: ANDJETY - ANEDJTI - ANEZTI   Lun 30 Juin - 0:54


God in anthropomorphic form originally worshipped in the mid-Delta in Lower Egyptian. He was originally an old god from the semi-nomad society before the unification, and was the patron of domesticated animals.
Andjety means 'He of Andjet'. Andjety holds the two sceptres in the shape of a 'crook' and a 'flail', insignia which are Osiris's symbols of dominion. Also his high conical crown decorated with two feathers is clearly related to the 'atef' crown of Osiris. Many believe they are the same character.
The center of his cult was in province number 9 in Lower Egypt at the town of Busuris in the delta. He was portrayed as a shepherd with a crook as regalia and on his head was a stylistic cow's uterus. He was one of the members of the exclusive gang of gods connected to Osiris who were later swallowed up the family of Re from Helioplois, making the so called Ennead of nine gods of the Egyptian pantheon. In the New Kingdom Anedjti was associated with - and the precursor of Osiris and was often shown wearing the white crown with feathered and carrying the regalia - flail, crook and staff. In that roll he dwelt in the underworld and was responsible for the rebirth of the dead individuals in their afterlife.
As early as the beginning of Dynasty IV King Seneferu, the builder of the first true pyramid tomb, is carved wearing this crown of Andjety. The close relationship of the god to the monarch is evident from the earliest references in the Pyramid Texts, where the king's power as a universal ruler is enhanced by his being equated to Andjety presiding over the eastern districts. Perhaps Andjety is an embodiment of sovereignty and its attendant regalia. As such he would readily be absorbed into the nature of Osiris and by extension into the pharaoh himself. The most likely explanation of his epithet, Bull of Vultures, found in the Middle Kingdom Coffin Texts, is that it emphasises his role as a procreative consort of major goddesses. His main female counterpart was Anit.
Andjety figures in a funerary context as well. The notion that he is responsible for rebirth in the Afterlife is probably the reason for the substitution for the two feathers of a bicornate uterus in early writings of his name in the Pyramid Texts. In the underworld too there is an obvious identification between Andjety and Osiris, as ruler. Hence in the Temple of Sety I at Abydos, the king is depicted buring incense to the god Osiris-Andjety who holds a 'crook' sceptre, wears two feathers in his headband and is accompanied by Isis.

Reference : http://www.crystalinks.com/egyptgods1a.html


Et veillez à avoir la foi, l'espérance et la charité; alors vous abonderez toujours en bonnes oeuvres. En souvenir des Néphites qui présidaient aux cérémonies initiatiques dans la forêt de Zarahemla et qui en fut le secret... DAT ROSA MEL APIBUS
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