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 Egyptians gods

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MessageSujet: Egyptians gods   Lun 30 Juin - 0:49


Patron of - the ferryboat that carries the souls of the dead to the underworld.
Appearance: A man dressed in the garb of a sailor, standing in the stern of a papyrus boat.
Description: Aken was the custodian of the ferryboat in the Underworld. However, he was somewhat amusing, for he had to be woken from slumber by the ferryman Mahaf to provide the boat for travel on the celestial waters.
Worship: Not truly worshipped, but mentioned in many hymns and passages of The Book of the Dead.


Aker is an Earth god who also presided over the western and eastern boarders of the Underworld.
In early representations, Aker is shown as a narrow strip of land with a human or lion head at both ends But later he was shown as the foreparts of two opposing lions, sometimes with human heads, facing away from each other. One lion faces west while the other faces east. In between them is the sign of the horizon. In the later period of Egyptian theology the two lions making up the Akeru were named Sef and Tuau - 'yesterday' and 'today' respectively.
Ancient Egyptian mythologists believed that during the night the sun journeyed through a tunnel that existed in the earth - its entry into the tunnel caused the night, its emergence again bringing the day once more. Each end of this tunnel was guarded by a lion god.
It was Aker who opened the Earth's gate for the king to pass into the Underworld. He was also known to absorb the poison from the body of anyone bitten by a snake and he neutralizes the venom in the belly of a person who has swallowed an obnoxious fly.
More importantly, he imprisons the coils of the snake, Apophis, after it is hacked to pieces by Isis, and Aker could, along his back, provide a secure passage for the sun-god's boat as it traveled from west to east during the hours of the night.
From the tomb of Ramesses VI in the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of Luxor (ancient Thebes), the tomb of Pedamenopet - the 26th Dynasty at el-Asasif, also on the West bank at Luxor, and mythological papyri of the priesthood of Amun in the 21st Dynasty, it is even possible to reconstruct a 'Book of Aker' concerned with the solar journey.
There was also a more threatening side to Aker that can be seen when he is pluralized as Akeru in the form of multiple earth gods. In passages from the Pyramid Texts, the Akeru are said not to seize the monarch, but later there is a general hope for everyone to escape the grasp of the earth gods. The Akeru appear to be primeval deities more ancient then Geb.
see Zep Tepi


She is a goddess whose name means 'hidden one'. Her shadow, among the primeval gods, is a symbol of protection. A deity at Karnak temple at least since the reign of Sesostris I (Dynasty XII), she is predominantly the consort of Amun playing, however, a less prolific role than his other wife Mut. A statue datable to Tutankhamun's reign which was set up in the Record Hall of Tuthmosis III at Karnak shows the goddess in human form wearing the Red Crown of the Delta.
Reliefs at Karnak clearly mark her as prominent in rituals closely associated with the monarch's accession and jubilee festival. For instance, in the momument of Tuthmosis III, known as the Akh-menu, Amaunet and Min lead a row of deities to watch the king and sacred bull in the jubilee celebration. Much later in the Greek domination of Egypt she is carved on the exterior wall of the sanctuary suckling the pharaoh Philip Arrhidaeus who is playing the role of the divine child immediately following the scene depicting his enthronement. A late equation at Karnak identifies her with Neith of the Delta- comparable to the analogy made between Mut and Sakhmet- but she retains her own identity well into the Ptolemaic period.
The statue above is found behind the fifth pylon at the Luxor, Karnak Temple Colonnade - a work of Tutmosis I - and the sixth pylon - a work of Tuthmosis II. There are two tall pink columns with the symbols of Egypt - the iris flower (high Egypt) and the lotus flower - lower Egypt). Close to these two columns are two large statues of Amon and his companion Amonet.

Minor God
Patron of: the gates of the underworld
Appearance: a woman dressed in the robes of a queen.
Description: Ament is the consort of Aken, and it is she who greets the souls of the newly dead, offering them bread and water at the gates of the underworld following their arrival.
Worship: Not truly worshipped, but mentioned in many hymns and passages of The Book of the Dead.

Reference : http://koloborder.superforum.fr/post.forum?mode=newtopic&f=172


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Egyptians gods
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